Love Dots? Me Too!

I am having so much fun gathering the photos and links for my new blog here @ Polka Dot Mom. Each week we'll feature a polka dot product that is handmade by a fellow crafty mom entrepreneur. This is the place for moms to find, share and blog about the cutest new polka dot products that are made by fellow moms in business.

Found a great polka-dot-product? Know a crafty mom-in-business?
Post a comment or send us a photo so we can share it with all of the moms out there who are ga-ga for polka dots too.

Each of our product spotlights will include a link to where we found it so you can shop and fill your home (and your closets) with adorable polka dot goodies too!

So, welcome to Polka Dot Mom - your one-stop blog for polka dot products made by crafty moms.

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