Summer Craft for Polka Dot Kids

Here's a quick and easy Martha Stewart Kids craft that you can make with your kids this summer. Since you are a Polka Dot Mom, I know you are raising some crafty polka dot kids, so we found a fun summer craft that you can do outside with just a few supplies (paint and glue)!

Materials from
"Both tempera and acrylic paints work well; tempera looks chalkier but washes off easily, making it the best choice for kids. Acrylic paint has a glossy finish."

Rock Craft Instructions from (our FAVORITE crafty mom site):
"Before painting, kids should sketch out their plan: It's easier to envision what the finished project will look like if they draw it first with pencil on paper. Glue rocks together before painting them, attaching small stone features such as eyes, feet, or beaks to body parts before joining larger parts; attach whiskers and tails after painting. Cement glue makes the strongest bond but should be used only by parents working in a well-ventilated area. (Kid-friendly glues are less durable and are best for rock crafts that will sit on shelves.)"

Photos of our favorite rock animals that you can create today:

Polka Dot Ladybugs - Even the tiniest rocks can become an adorable family of ladybugs. Paint their backs any color, then add a black face, white eyes and black polka dot spots on their wings with your favorite acrylic or tempura paints. Cut out a construction paper leaf for your ladybugs too!

Three Little Pigs Magnet Rocks - We love this! Okay, so there are zero polka dots on this little pig, but you can add them! I love Martha's idea of adding a small magnet to the back of your rock with cement glue. You can add a magnet to any of your child's animal creations actually. Ever child loves to see their artwork on the fridge. This way, they can hang their papers and favorite photos with their own magnet creations. Be sure to show everyone who comes to your house the cute magnets designed by your kids!

Polka Dot Frog Rocks - This craft involves finding the perfect rocks to create eyes and feet, but the results are worth it! I bet there is a bag of smooth rocks like this at your favorite craft store if your house isn't near a river filled with smooth, round rocks. You can use a pencil eraser tip dipped in green paint to create your polka dots on the frog's feet and body. I love the painted long tongues trying to catch the flies - ribbit!

Little Mouse Rock and Matchbox "House" - I love this little mouse, but his little house is even cuter. Cover a clean, empty, match box with your favorite polka dot paper or fabric scraps to create an adorable home for your child's rock creature. They can start an entire rock animal collection with little houses for each one!

Happy Crafting with your kids!

Personalized Sippy Cups by LilyBella Boutique

Allison of Lillybella Boutique is our Polka Dot Mom of the week!

Allison is a work-at-home-mom of three young children (2 girls and 1 boy). She says that working from home takes a lot of discipline and patience, but the payoffs are huge. Her inspiration to create personalized items for kids (and moms, too) comes from the demands of her customers.

This week Allison is debuting her new "Sippy Cup Party Packs" which feature our favorite Personalized Sippy Cups wrapped in cellophane and tied with a personalized gift tag ready for gift-giving!Lilybella's unique Personalized Sippy Cups are monogrammed in your choice of fonts with your child's name on your choice of bright oilcloth (waterproof) fabrics. You can even order more than one washable oilcloth insert for your child's cup (one gingham, one polka dot, etc.).

At our neighborhood play group, moms are always asking, "Who's cup is this?" This is our new solution! Order your LilyBella sippy cup today and throw in your toddler's diaper bag for day care, church, mothers day out, play group,...the list goes on!

We love that her sippy cups are personalized with your child's name and 100% washable.

Please visit Allison today to see more of her polka dot products:

Hair Bow Holders by Little Miss Priss & Co.

Introducing Julie Wingate of Gainesville, Georgia! She is our Polka Dot Mom of the week and owner of Little Miss Priss & Co.. which specializes in custom-made hair bows, children’s clothes and hand-painted gift items.

Julie is a work-at-home mom who loves making cute accessories for her daughter (and her little friends!) to wear around town. She loves to create, create, create! Julie is always trying new designs and new products. You can see her latest creations in her shop on Etsy.

Does your princess have a box or basket overflowing with hair bows? Julie's hand-painted and personalized hair bow holders are your functional and beautiful answer! For a great price, Julie will create a one-of-a-kind design to match your daughter's bedroom or bathroom (where you will be hanging the bow holder). Julie does not use patterns or stencils - your design will be hand-painted by a true artist. Choose your paint colors, your design, your polka dot ribbon (we love that) and choose your daughter's initial, monogram or name to personalize your hair bow holder.

We asked Julie about her inspiration to become a crafty mom in business:

"Before the birth of my daughter, I searched for classic, timeless items to fill her nursery. I didn’t want a theme, I just wanted her nursery to look like it had been decorated about a century ago. This was hard to do since almost everything we had was brand new. This experience helped me to appreciate the need for timeless designs. Since I love to make hair bows, I felt creating hand painted hair bow holders would be the perfect way to incorporate this look into something every little girl needs."

Julie works closely with her artistic sister, Joanna Ellenburg (owner of “Dazzling Grapes”), to design your one-of-a-kind hand-painted hair bow holder. You can see Julie and Joanna's beautiful hand-painted designs at

Julie is easy to work with and offers fast communication to ensure a perfectly custom product for your "Little Miss Priss". We are proud to feature Julie as our Polka Dot Mom of the week. Here are a few more of our favorite hair bow holders from Little Miss Priss & Co. featuring adorable grosgrain polka dot ribbons:

Visit Little Miss Priss & Co. today to see more designs by Julie, our crafty Polka Dot Mom.

Crafty Moms Love ""

Kim Christopherson is our Polka Dot Mom of the week and the crafty mom behind Kim lives in Utah with her family and started her own business, Kimberbell Kids, with her talent and love for applique designs (many of her e-books can be found on YouCanMakeThis too).

We think you will love Kim's collaborative business at She selects unique project patterns made by fellow crafters and sells them on her site. One purchas and you'll be hooked! Every e-book pattern is high-quality, easy to use and creates a beautiful product because Kim is a crafter herself and she expects the best. Her site is fabulous - even if you're just a little bit crafty, Kim has compiled a huge collection of e-books with complete patterns, instructions and vivid photos so that you CAN make any project!
We have purchased at least four of her e-books. They are great when you need a little extra inspiration to start a new craft or just to refine your skills. We love how easy it is to download and save your e-book to your computer so you can print it and refer to it any time you want!

Another great feature of Kim's business is that SHE is promoting fellow crafty moms in business too. Nearly every e-book is written by a working mom. From her e-books you can learn how to paint sneakers, make hair bows, sew a handbag or create your own business cards. You can even create polka dot baby bibs, polka dot skirts and dresses, or polka dot nap mats for school:

Be sure to visit, sign up for her free newsletter and tell Kim that Sally at Polka Dot Mom sent you!

Happy crafting!