Personalized Sippy Cups by LilyBella Boutique

Allison of Lillybella Boutique is our Polka Dot Mom of the week!

Allison is a work-at-home-mom of three young children (2 girls and 1 boy). She says that working from home takes a lot of discipline and patience, but the payoffs are huge. Her inspiration to create personalized items for kids (and moms, too) comes from the demands of her customers.

This week Allison is debuting her new "Sippy Cup Party Packs" which feature our favorite Personalized Sippy Cups wrapped in cellophane and tied with a personalized gift tag ready for gift-giving!Lilybella's unique Personalized Sippy Cups are monogrammed in your choice of fonts with your child's name on your choice of bright oilcloth (waterproof) fabrics. You can even order more than one washable oilcloth insert for your child's cup (one gingham, one polka dot, etc.).

At our neighborhood play group, moms are always asking, "Who's cup is this?" This is our new solution! Order your LilyBella sippy cup today and throw in your toddler's diaper bag for day care, church, mothers day out, play group,...the list goes on!

We love that her sippy cups are personalized with your child's name and 100% washable.

Please visit Allison today to see more of her polka dot products:


  1. Hey, my name is Casey and I am starting to plan my daughters 1st birthday. I am interested in your party packages of sippy cups. How much are they? If you can email me at

  2. Hi my name is LaSonya White. I am interested in purchasing a 1st birthday sippy cup for my niece's first birthday. I live in Birmingham Alabama. Please email to let me know if this is possible.



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