Summer Craft for Polka Dot Kids

Here's a quick and easy Martha Stewart Kids craft that you can make with your kids this summer. Since you are a Polka Dot Mom, I know you are raising some crafty polka dot kids, so we found a fun summer craft that you can do outside with just a few supplies (paint and glue)!

Materials from
"Both tempera and acrylic paints work well; tempera looks chalkier but washes off easily, making it the best choice for kids. Acrylic paint has a glossy finish."

Rock Craft Instructions from (our FAVORITE crafty mom site):
"Before painting, kids should sketch out their plan: It's easier to envision what the finished project will look like if they draw it first with pencil on paper. Glue rocks together before painting them, attaching small stone features such as eyes, feet, or beaks to body parts before joining larger parts; attach whiskers and tails after painting. Cement glue makes the strongest bond but should be used only by parents working in a well-ventilated area. (Kid-friendly glues are less durable and are best for rock crafts that will sit on shelves.)"

Photos of our favorite rock animals that you can create today:

Polka Dot Ladybugs - Even the tiniest rocks can become an adorable family of ladybugs. Paint their backs any color, then add a black face, white eyes and black polka dot spots on their wings with your favorite acrylic or tempura paints. Cut out a construction paper leaf for your ladybugs too!

Three Little Pigs Magnet Rocks - We love this! Okay, so there are zero polka dots on this little pig, but you can add them! I love Martha's idea of adding a small magnet to the back of your rock with cement glue. You can add a magnet to any of your child's animal creations actually. Ever child loves to see their artwork on the fridge. This way, they can hang their papers and favorite photos with their own magnet creations. Be sure to show everyone who comes to your house the cute magnets designed by your kids!

Polka Dot Frog Rocks - This craft involves finding the perfect rocks to create eyes and feet, but the results are worth it! I bet there is a bag of smooth rocks like this at your favorite craft store if your house isn't near a river filled with smooth, round rocks. You can use a pencil eraser tip dipped in green paint to create your polka dots on the frog's feet and body. I love the painted long tongues trying to catch the flies - ribbit!

Little Mouse Rock and Matchbox "House" - I love this little mouse, but his little house is even cuter. Cover a clean, empty, match box with your favorite polka dot paper or fabric scraps to create an adorable home for your child's rock creature. They can start an entire rock animal collection with little houses for each one!

Happy Crafting with your kids!

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