Polka Dot Ribbon Flip Flops

I keep telling all of the Polka Dot Mom readers out there that my eyes trained to see dots anywhere and everywhere. So when I saw this beach-themed photo of ribbon flip flops in Fiddlestitches' shop, I quickly scanned the ribbons hoping to see lots and lots of polka dots. And I did! (Down to the adorable hot pink polka-dot-painted metal sand pail in the background.)

Read on about the crafty moms of Fiddlestitches and you may even read about a free shipping offer in here somewhere....

About the Moms of Fiddlestitches

They write, "Fiddlestitches was started by a mom and daughter team in October 2006 after they decided they wanted to own their own business. Donna wanted to build something to supplement her impending retirement; Kelley wanted a business that would allow her to continue to be a stay-at-home mom of three; and they both hoped to build a family business that would be family-oriented and family-friendly. After kicking around a lot of ideas, they eventually realized that their combined creativity and love of children, coupled with long years of sewing was pointing them in the right direction."

"Donna, who at sixty still claims she will never grow up, has a love of whimsy and so, the name Fiddlestitches was coined. She loves old-fashioned nostalgic styles, and tends to lean toward excessive “frou-frou.” Kelley, thankfully, restrains the tendency to “frou-frou” and adds her own modern take on old standards, such as pillowcase dresses. At this point in time, Donna and Kelley collaborate on business planning and product design; and Kelley does all of the production, while Donna keeps the books."

"Donna and Kelley have a strong commitment to the quality of their products, and to customer satisfaction. They strive to run the kind of business that they would want to patronize; and try to keep their styles fresh and innovative, and to offer them at family- friendly prices. Fiddlestitches’ mission is to celebrate the child in all of us."

About the Ribbon Flip Flops for Kids:
Made with a fun mix of ribbons, they will match any and every outfit your child can put together! Each pair of flip flops is hand-embellished one at a time with lots of ribbons in polka dots, stripes, solids and more. Kids can choose from flip flops in youth sizes small, medium or large. Available flip flop colors are yellow, white, pink, purple, blue or green. Your new pair of polka dot ribbon flip flops are only $10.00/pair at Fiddlestitches!

Thanks to our Polka Dot Moms this week, Donna and Kelley of Fiddlestitches. Be sure to shop with this "pair" of moms during the month of July to receive FREE shipping on your "pair" of polka dot ribbon flip flops (mention Polka Dot Mom in the order comments for a revised PayPal invoice).

Happy flipping and flopping, kids! (Hey, moms like ribbon flip flops too....)


  1. Thanks for promotion of our flip-flops

  2. Of course - they just scream SUMMER to me! I love your mix of ribbons and you are a wonderful mom to work with!

  3. I LOVE the idea of the flip-flops with ribbon! They look awesome!! :)


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