Personalized Back-to-School Essentials

This week's crafty mom-owned business has your back-to-school essentials packed and ready to go. Keep reading for your Polka Dot Mom coupon to so pretty personalized gifts!

Back-to-school can mean more quick meals on-the-go at your local restaurant too. Here is my new diaper bag essential - a so pretty (and functional) preppy & personalized restaurant napkin clips that turns any napkin into an instant bib! Handmade from start to finish by Megan and Charissa of so pretty, their line of napkin clips can be made to order with your choice of polka dot ribbons, cute embroidered symbols and your child's initial.
These napkin clips will keep your child CLEAN during breakfast every morning. Attach a dish towel to one end of the clip, wrap behind child's neck, then secure the 2nd clip to the towel for a full-coverage breakfast bib. No more cereal milk drops on the clean school shirt. We love that!

Here are your polka dot ribbon choices:

Let me tell you more about the owners - Megan and Carissa are two busy moms, best friends and entrepreneurs who own "monograms by so pretty". These crafty moms do all of their own embroidery and sew their ponytail holders, pacifier clips and restaurant napkin clips (love these). Megan has 7-year-old twins and Carissa has a 9-year-old and a 10-month-old. They have the preppy embroidered gifts you need to keep your school day mornings organized and personalized (they've been there).

The so pretty boutique, which was located in Shrewsbury NJ for several years, housed all things pretty for women and children. It was the perfect spot to pick out a special baby gift, or the perfect accessory for oneself. It didn’t take long to realize that it was our selection of monogrammed gifts that kept people coming back again and again! We purchased our own embroidery machine, and were able to expand our offerings and focus on what we knew was our specialty: helping people choose a truly one-of-a-kind gift."
Megan and Charissa want to give Polka Dot Mom readers a head start on their back-to-school shopping. When you enter coupon code "POLKADOTMOM" at check-out, you will automatically receive 20% off your total purchase through 8/31/07.

Here are two more favorite so pretty back-to-school picks:

Personalized Name Insulated Lunch Bags - Ordering a new lunch for my daughter bag has been high on my list for some time. These lunch coolers are too cute to pass up! Click the photo to learn more:

Mom's Monogram Insulated Travel Coffee Mug (carpool lane approved) - Moms need back-to-school gear too. This is what I want! I love coffee, fabric and monograms. Look at these adorable travel coffee mugs - we love the black and white polka dots fabric insert. Your mug says a lot about you - carry a cute one!

So pretty is also celebrating the grand opening of their website. You'll find the same beautiful products and top-notch customer service as their former retail store. Visit Megan and Charissa today for personalized back-to-school gifts at monograms by so pretty. Pick up something for yourself or your kids. They have created a really unique collection of embroidered gifts and our readers get to save 20% this month.

Here's to all the moms out there who are so pretty inside and out - you are amazing!

Polka Dot Ribbons for your Crafty Business

Every crafty Polka Dot Mom needs a fabulous shop to buy her polka dot grosgrain ribbons, right?

We're giving away one of our crafty and thrifty shopping secrets: The best place to buy your ribbons on the web is the Ribbon Spool! Introducing Janice, owner of this fine shop and crafty South Carolina mom to two little girls. Janice has been selling her ribbons on eBay for several years and has her own eBay store with the slogan, "Ribbons So Tasty, You're Bound to Drool!" She and her family live in South Carolina and she ships her ribbons all over the country to help crafty moms make their business dreams come true!

Not only does Janice supply fellow crafty moms with the ribbon supplies they need at amazing prices, she creates beautiful projects with her ribbons to share with her customers. She has polka dot grosgrain ribbons in nearly every color, design and size. We love her categories for quick shopping: Classic Polka Dots, Fun Big Dots, Dippy Dots and Tiny Swiss Dots.

Look at this yummy summertime ice cream French Pink with Creamsicle Polka Dots Ribbon:

Janice keeps full spools in stock (50 to 100 yards) of many of her polka dot ribbons so customers like me can purchase larger quantities with her volume discount pricing. It gets better - she provides top-notch customer service from start to finish. Need a different ribbon width or searching for a particular color? Janice is always there, always happy to help.

The Ribbon Spool keeps up with all the trends, seasons and holidays too. She stocks Milk Chocolate with Pink Polka Dots ribbon and Chocolate and Blue Polka Dots ribbon too:

You will love the Christmas and Halloween holiday ribbon collections at the Ribbon Spool. We love this Tangerine and Orange Fun Dots ribbon:

Thank you, Janice and the Ribbon Spool for years of excellent customer service and yards and yards (and yards) of high-quality polka dot grosgrain ribbons.

Just so you know, she stocks solids, ginghams and stripes too. What more could a girl ask for?

Here's to making all of your ribbon projects and dreams come true with ribbons from the Ribbon Spool. Visit Janice today and tell her she is one great Polka Dot Mom from us.

Custom Kids Wall Art Paintings

Introducing Karen of Karen's Cottage Studio, our Polka Dot Mom of the week!

Karen contacted us about being featured as a Polka Dot Mom. She is an accomplished mural and canvas painter from Raleigh, North Carolina. We visited her site and were so impressed with her collection of custom canvas paintings for kids and moms. I can't wait to tell you more about this crafty mom.

Karen started painting just three years ago. Her work is beautiful and her prices are heavenly! Her specialty is made-to-match painted canvases for kids' bedrooms and bathrooms. Karen can help us all be savvy moms with gorgeous custom artwork.
Here is one of her custom sets to match Company Store (Company Kids) bedding:

My Top 5 Reasons to call Karen:
  1. You purchased a Pottery Barn or Company Store bedding set for your child's room, but that's where the decorating stopped.
  2. You found an awesome deal on a bedding set and want wall art to match (that's me).

  3. You want to decorate a bedroom based on a favorite book, fabric or wallpaper.
  4. You are redecorating the kids' bathroom, but all you have is the shower curtain (me again).
  5. Your home office walls are empty and you need an inspiring painting just for you, mom!

Karen writes, "Painting is my passion and I especially love to decorate neutral walls with murals and canvases. For mural projects, I have done everything from dance studios to upscale entry foyers to ceiling murals. Above all, I love to transform childrens' rooms, since I have two incredibly bright and creative ladies of my own to give me such inspiration! Through my online boutique, I am thrilled to be able to offer original fine art childrens' paintings, hanging murals, banners and other decorative items, many of which match Pottery Barn and other popular bedding collections and themes boys and girls love."

Karen was brave enough to share photos of her beautifully hand-painted home office studio with our Polka Dot Mom readers:

I think Karen needs to fly from North Carolina to Tennessee to help me create an inspiring workspace too. I love the fabric drapes under her desktop to hide boxes, crafty essentials, etc. I've been meaning to do that for ages. She even wrapped her work chair in coordinating fabric!

Here's how Karen organizes her fabric and ribbons in her craft closet (look at all the polka dots!):
We hope Karen's paintings and office ideas will inspire you to decorate or organize your space in a new way. Sometimes buying just ONE new beautiful thing for a room inspires me to clean, de-clutter and decorate the whole space. Now that is money well-spent.

You will love Karen's Cottage Studio and her portfolio of custom-painted wall art. There is something for everyone. Send her photos of your child's room or your workspace so she can get started on your custom painting. You deserve it, moms!

Polka Dot Ribbon Hair Bows and Streamers

Meet Carol from Little Bow Peep Tails, our crafty Polka Dot Mom this week!

Every day Carol is lucky enough to be surrounded by hundreds and hundreds of yards of yummy polka dot grosgrain ribbons...what a wonderful dream! Her website and photos alone make me happy (and inspired to sew more polka dot confetti ribbon purses to match her bows).

She was so sweet to send a set of two ponytail streamers for my 3-year-old daughter. I wasn't sure if the size would be too big for her, but they are absolutely perfect. The streamers are her new favorite accessory! They are so easy to put in, the elastics are strong and soft and they make every outfit even cuter. In fact, Carol's beautiful ribbons make me want to buy a few matching boutique pillowcase dresses from some crafty moms I know! She has so many beautiful color combinations and ribbon styles on her site - you simply must take a PEEK inside the PEEP!

Carol writes, "Offering hand-sewn products was a goal of mine after trying to wash a store bought hair bow several years ago for my daughter… it fell apart in my hands! Not only that, the clips kept breaking also! It was clear that moms needed a resource for a well-made hair accessory for their daughters so, Little Bow Peep ~ Fairy Tails was born!"

Her company name, "Fairy Tails", describes her very first product line of hand-sewn ponytail streamers. Designed for girls that desire a more “big girl” look for their hair, her streamers offer something for every discerning girl’s taste… 142 solid colors, LOADS of polka dot patterns, stripes, gingham and satin. And she can mix and match at will to match any outfit she’s got in her closet! Carol designs each polka dot ribbon ponytail streamer with SIX ribbons in every one! This is a photo of the streamer Carol sent for my daughter:

Carol has also designed a new line of hand-sewn polka dot ribbon tuxedo bows available with her no-slip velcro feature for fine hair. You won't believe your color choices - she has thought of everything! We love this preppy pink and green set:

The best part about her tuxedo bows? They can be snap-clipped to her ribbon-wrapped headbands, creating endless possibilities (and a great value). Carol's adorable polka dot ribbon-wrapped headbands feature a velcro lining to keep them in place. I am so jealous of her ribbon stash - look at all of these yummy polka dot ribbons perfectly wrapped around her headbands:

Carol's headband and tuxedo barrette collection includes designs for back-to-school, made-to-match your school uniforms, polka dots, stripes, monogrammed styles and holiday favorites too.

She writes, "Sewing has been my passion since I was a little girl, inspired by my mother who sewed for 5 girls so that we could all match. I am guilty of the "sewer's closet" which holds many years worth of beautiful fabric (and possibilities!) Now I sew for my own daughter and create the perfectly coordinating hair accessories to match! An ever-growing inventory of ribbon fills my large workshop now -- I can't resist a new polka dot or pattern that comes out. My 6-year-old daughter loves to come into my office and pull colors from our ribbon racks for new streamer designs. Some are even posted on our website!"

Little Bow Peep Tails should become your one-stop shop for beautiful handmade hair accessories for your little girls. Carol has thought of everything. Her website is so organized, her photos are gorgeous, and her ribbon selection is amazing! Please visit Carol and her ribbons at Little Bow Peep Fairy Tails today.

Happy crafting, moms!

Orange You Glad It's Friday?

I am! Though moms know that every day is the same...this morning my daughter decided that 4:45am would be a good time to start her day. So I am sipping my coffee in my polka dot mug and spreading a little love to all the polka dot mommies out there!

Polka Dot Mom has joined fellow crafters who blog about great handmade finds on Etsy. Today's theme is the color orange. I found this adorable applique orange polka dot star baby onesie in QuiltBaby's shop:

To every Polka Dot Mom - you are a SUPER STAR in my book!


Polka Dot Dresses at Granny B's

Happy 4th of July! Polka Dot Mom is proud to feature Becky Collins, owner of Granny B's Clothesline and designer of an entire polka-dot-inspired collection of (really cute!) pillowcase dresses for girls. We love Becky's website - she has great photos and so many designs, fabrics and ribbons to choose from. She only uses high thread count Kona cotton and designer print fabrics (just like us at Polka Dot Market). I love that!

Another new discovery at the Granny B's Clothesline site is Becky's SALE page. Oh my goodness, for amazing deals on dresses made for her recent shows and home parties, you simply must visit her pillowcase dress sale page. I love a bargain and Granny B has a huge selection on her sale page just for us moms who love boutique dresses for our little girls (at great prices)!

Can you believe this dress top and capris set is on SALE? Sizes are limited to her current inventory, but it is definitely worth a look. I love these lime green polka dot capri pants:

"B" is for Becky
Who is Granny B? She writes, "Hello! My name is Becky Collins. I'm Brantley's Granny B, so that's where the name of my little girls clothes came from. I have loved sewing and crafting since I was a little girl. My mother and grandmother were both seamstresses. I learned to sew by watching them and playing with their scraps of fabric. I made clothes for both of my girls who are now big girls. I had stopped sewing or crafting for a long time. Then my granddaughter Brantley was born. I was inspired to sew again. I love beautiful little girl things. Please visit often to see what is hanging out on Granny B's Clothesline!"

Becky is a mom and a granny! She has been creating polka dot products for two generations - maybe she is the original Polka Dot Mom? Her designs will definitely inspire you to create something beautiful from your stash of polka dot ribbons and fabrics for your own business.

Look ya'll! Tennessee Vols and Clemson Tigers fans- wouldn't this orange polka dot dress set be perfect for fall football tailgating parties? On sale now at Granny B's:

Hanging on the Clothesline
Granny B's dresses are offered in size 6M - 6 and designed to be mid-calf or tea length. The length of the dress can be adjusted with the ribbon ties, so each dress can be worn for several years - they grow with your little one.
All dresses are made from a full width of fabric. Which means they are full enough to look cute. Personalization options: 1 initial monogram in Curlz, Script, or Block fonts done at hem of dress is available FREE of charge.
I know, I know. Christmas already? Well, I couldn't resist showing you these adorable green and red dresses that I think are perfect for Christmas photos. I have two little girls, and I love Christmas dresses that are NOT covered in santas or trees - red and green suit me just fine.

We'll have to wait a little longer for Becky's 2007 Christmas collection, but it will be worth it. As she says, "visit often - you never know what will be hanging out on the line!"

Click to visit Becky at Granny B's Clothesline (our Polka Dot Mom of the week).