Custom Kids Wall Art Paintings

Introducing Karen of Karen's Cottage Studio, our Polka Dot Mom of the week!

Karen contacted us about being featured as a Polka Dot Mom. She is an accomplished mural and canvas painter from Raleigh, North Carolina. We visited her site and were so impressed with her collection of custom canvas paintings for kids and moms. I can't wait to tell you more about this crafty mom.

Karen started painting just three years ago. Her work is beautiful and her prices are heavenly! Her specialty is made-to-match painted canvases for kids' bedrooms and bathrooms. Karen can help us all be savvy moms with gorgeous custom artwork.
Here is one of her custom sets to match Company Store (Company Kids) bedding:

My Top 5 Reasons to call Karen:
  1. You purchased a Pottery Barn or Company Store bedding set for your child's room, but that's where the decorating stopped.
  2. You found an awesome deal on a bedding set and want wall art to match (that's me).

  3. You want to decorate a bedroom based on a favorite book, fabric or wallpaper.
  4. You are redecorating the kids' bathroom, but all you have is the shower curtain (me again).
  5. Your home office walls are empty and you need an inspiring painting just for you, mom!

Karen writes, "Painting is my passion and I especially love to decorate neutral walls with murals and canvases. For mural projects, I have done everything from dance studios to upscale entry foyers to ceiling murals. Above all, I love to transform childrens' rooms, since I have two incredibly bright and creative ladies of my own to give me such inspiration! Through my online boutique, I am thrilled to be able to offer original fine art childrens' paintings, hanging murals, banners and other decorative items, many of which match Pottery Barn and other popular bedding collections and themes boys and girls love."

Karen was brave enough to share photos of her beautifully hand-painted home office studio with our Polka Dot Mom readers:

I think Karen needs to fly from North Carolina to Tennessee to help me create an inspiring workspace too. I love the fabric drapes under her desktop to hide boxes, crafty essentials, etc. I've been meaning to do that for ages. She even wrapped her work chair in coordinating fabric!

Here's how Karen organizes her fabric and ribbons in her craft closet (look at all the polka dots!):
We hope Karen's paintings and office ideas will inspire you to decorate or organize your space in a new way. Sometimes buying just ONE new beautiful thing for a room inspires me to clean, de-clutter and decorate the whole space. Now that is money well-spent.

You will love Karen's Cottage Studio and her portfolio of custom-painted wall art. There is something for everyone. Send her photos of your child's room or your workspace so she can get started on your custom painting. You deserve it, moms!


  1. Lovely feature and such a beautiful blog! You have a great eye for colour and product - thanks for sharing. Sara x

  2. Thanks, Sara! Our moms make my job easy with their beautiful creations.

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