Polka Dot Ribbon Hair Bows and Streamers

Meet Carol from Little Bow Peep Tails, our crafty Polka Dot Mom this week!

Every day Carol is lucky enough to be surrounded by hundreds and hundreds of yards of yummy polka dot grosgrain ribbons...what a wonderful dream! Her website and photos alone make me happy (and inspired to sew more polka dot confetti ribbon purses to match her bows).

She was so sweet to send a set of two ponytail streamers for my 3-year-old daughter. I wasn't sure if the size would be too big for her, but they are absolutely perfect. The streamers are her new favorite accessory! They are so easy to put in, the elastics are strong and soft and they make every outfit even cuter. In fact, Carol's beautiful ribbons make me want to buy a few matching boutique pillowcase dresses from some crafty moms I know! She has so many beautiful color combinations and ribbon styles on her site - you simply must take a PEEK inside the PEEP!

Carol writes, "Offering hand-sewn products was a goal of mine after trying to wash a store bought hair bow several years ago for my daughter… it fell apart in my hands! Not only that, the clips kept breaking also! It was clear that moms needed a resource for a well-made hair accessory for their daughters so, Little Bow Peep ~ Fairy Tails was born!"

Her company name, "Fairy Tails", describes her very first product line of hand-sewn ponytail streamers. Designed for girls that desire a more “big girl” look for their hair, her streamers offer something for every discerning girl’s taste… 142 solid colors, LOADS of polka dot patterns, stripes, gingham and satin. And she can mix and match at will to match any outfit she’s got in her closet! Carol designs each polka dot ribbon ponytail streamer with SIX ribbons in every one! This is a photo of the streamer Carol sent for my daughter:

Carol has also designed a new line of hand-sewn polka dot ribbon tuxedo bows available with her no-slip velcro feature for fine hair. You won't believe your color choices - she has thought of everything! We love this preppy pink and green set:

The best part about her tuxedo bows? They can be snap-clipped to her ribbon-wrapped headbands, creating endless possibilities (and a great value). Carol's adorable polka dot ribbon-wrapped headbands feature a velcro lining to keep them in place. I am so jealous of her ribbon stash - look at all of these yummy polka dot ribbons perfectly wrapped around her headbands:

Carol's headband and tuxedo barrette collection includes designs for back-to-school, made-to-match your school uniforms, polka dots, stripes, monogrammed styles and holiday favorites too.

She writes, "Sewing has been my passion since I was a little girl, inspired by my mother who sewed for 5 girls so that we could all match. I am guilty of the "sewer's closet" which holds many years worth of beautiful fabric (and possibilities!) Now I sew for my own daughter and create the perfectly coordinating hair accessories to match! An ever-growing inventory of ribbon fills my large workshop now -- I can't resist a new polka dot or pattern that comes out. My 6-year-old daughter loves to come into my office and pull colors from our ribbon racks for new streamer designs. Some are even posted on our website!"

Little Bow Peep Tails should become your one-stop shop for beautiful handmade hair accessories for your little girls. Carol has thought of everything. Her website is so organized, her photos are gorgeous, and her ribbon selection is amazing! Please visit Carol and her ribbons at Little Bow Peep Fairy Tails today.

Happy crafting, moms!


  1. Sally,
    Thanks so much for the great review! Your site is such a refreshing delight to visit and I'm proud to be a featured "Polka Dot Mom" also!

  2. You are wonderful to work with and your products are exceptional! Thank you, Sally

  3. Hi,
    I'm trying to paint polka dots on a child's rocking chair and don't know how to get them to be a uniform size. Can you give me any ideas?
    Thanks so much!
    Bella Kalei


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