Moms Need Business Cards Too

Have you started a new job recently as a MOM?

You know that being a mom is a full-time, serious, real-life job. You have tiny clients watching your every move and hanging on your every have appointments and schedules and activities and group meetings and even issues best handled by the human resources department (YOU).

Cathy from Ittibitti Cards for Moms writes, "When you start a new job, one of the first things you do is order business cards. They're an essential tool for networking with others. You meet a new client, you hand them a card.You meet a person at lunch, you hand them a card. So why don't moms have them? We are a major networking community. Mom's groups, preschools, "big-kid" schools, games, dance and music classes, and on and on. Why not have an easy way of remembering and contacting each other?"

Reward yourself with your own customized mommy business cards from Cathy at Ittibitti, our Polka Dot Mom this week!

Cathy lives in Indiana with her husband and three kids. She owns Ittibitti as well as her own graphic design business. When you see her designs, you will be impressed with her creativity, unique style and amazing attention to detail.

Cathy writes, "ittibitti® is actually the second business I’ve started out of my home. I have been a successful, self-employed graphic designer for about seven years and I absolutely LOVE what I do and will continue to create and design corporate projects through my graphic design business, Cathy Swick Design (CSD). But, one day, as I dropped my oldest son off at a friend’s house to play, I mentioned to his mother that I was going to run some errands while my son was there and I’d leave her my cell phone number. Standing outside her house while scrounging around in my purse for something to write on, I said out of near desperation, “I just need a business card for my family! This would be so much easier!” And, whalaa! ittibitti® was born—customized and colorful, family calling cards for moms on the go!"

Created with over-the-top color and whimsical, original illustrations, Cathy's card designs are flooded edge-to-edge with bright color and are professionally offset printed on a heavy, satin coated card stock in full color and come in sets of 100 for $49.50 (larger quantities are available, too).

Even better, moms can type in the coupon code "POLKADOT" during check-out to save 15% through November 30, 2007.

We hope every Polka Dot Mom will purchase her own Ittibitti polka dot business cards - because being a mom is serious business that deserves really cute office supplies.

Have a great week everyone!
Sally @ Polka Dot Mom

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  1. These are super cute!!! I have needed something just like this many times!


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