Polka Dots and Pink Lemonade (yummy...)

Welcome our newest Polka Dot Mom, Caroline, the owner of Pink Lemonade Boutique Bags. She writes, "I love working with polka dot prints for the simple fact that they are fun! They have a universal appeal for anyone looking for something funky to tailored while retaining with a whimsical aspect. My polka dot totes have been some of my best sellers!"

Caroline is a crafty working mom who lives in north Texas with her husband, 4-year-old daughter Jordan and 2-year-old son Jack. She has a home sewing studio to confine her bag construction, but she confesses that every closet in the house is filled with fabric or more bags! She's not alone - I find myself wanting to steal bookcases and storage bins from my girls' bedrooms to store more fabric! It's the curse of being a crafty mom. You NEED lots of stuff.

Caroline writes, "When my daughter was born, I made my first fabric diaper bag for myself. I wanted a custom bag that would stand out in the crowd and look different from the generic store bought bags that everyone else was carrying. It is still in great shape after several years of wear and tear! Soon after, I started making my diaper bags as gifts for my friends who were starting their own families."

When Caroline is not sewing her beautiful polka dot boutique bags, she spends any available free time with her kids, taking them to their activities, reading, gardening, and doing crafts.
Now you can find boutique burp cloths and even Halloween purses inside her boutique too!
Caroline professionally constructs each Pink Lemonade Boutique bag in her home sewing studio. She uses only the finest fabrics and trims. You can expect special care in the construction of your bag - it will last and be enjoyed for years to come!
Visit Caroline today to see her amazing selection of polka dot boutique fabric bags and tell her she's a fabulous Polka Dot Mom!
...and you are too!
Have a great week, Moms!

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