Silver Mother's Bracelets

We welcome Koryn, owner of Mother's Precious Gems, this week as our newest Polka Dot Mom! Koryn makes gorgeous custom bracelets for moms and little girls. We like to think of each little circle bead as its own little "polka dot".

She began her crafty business, Mother's Precious Gems, in 1991 when she was at home with three boys under the age of three, and was pregnant with a fourth child, her daughter (great time to start a business). Whew! To top it all off, she is the devoted wife of a military officer and her family has moved around the globe. Her jewelry business has traveled and grown with each new assignment. Today, Koryn's four children are teenagers and she lives in the Washington D.C. metropolitan area where her husband remains on active duty at The Pentagon. Koryn even teaches preschool part-time during the school year too!

As a busy mom, wife and crafty lady, she enjoys that her beading can be done in increments between driving to and from soccer, or making dinner. Koryn's kids have even gotten in on the act making gifts for their friends or designing their own jewelry. Koryn is thankful to be at home and available to her family, while still growing her mother's bracelet business empire and gaining knowledge of her craft.

In the beginning, her designs were crafted using white letter beads and semi-precious stones, hence the name "precious". Once Swarovski crystal became popular, Koryn began using it alongside mostly sterling silver since sterling has become the jewelry of choice. She still makes custom pieces in gold fill upon request.

Mother's Precious Gems specializes in sterling silver custom name bracelets and heirloom jewelry featuring Swarovski crystals representing the birth-month birthstone colors for each child. More kids on the way? Koryn will happily add additional strands at any time for only the cost of materials and shipping as her congratulations to you!
As a special discount to her friends at Polka Dot Mom, any order that mentions this article will receive FREE SHIPPING. Click to design your custom silver mother's bracelet today.

Ladies, treat yourself to that mother's bracelet you've been wanting for so long! Koryn makes beautiful jewelry that you will cherish for years and years to come. Each piece is handmade by Koryn with great care and if she misses a bead, her military husband calls from the Pentagon and says, "Drop and give me twenty!" Just kidding....

Have a great week, Moms!


  1. What a wonderful post! What a wonderful EtsyMom!!!

  2. Koryn is one amazing mom! I thought I was working hard with two kids behind me at the sewing about FOUR kids stealing all your beads?! :)

  3. Wow, I'm with you, Sally; I thought having two "helpers" was tough! :) What a fabulous post!!!

  4. I'm a close friend of Koryn's and everything Sally said is exactly right! Koryn supports her family, runs her business AND makes time to do thoughtful things for friends and strangers nearly every day. I love her bracelets! (and earrings and wine stoppers and kitchen creations....)
    Attagirl, Koryn!


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