12 Days of Christmas at Lilybella

One of our early Polka Dot Moms is back with a great Christmas sale for our readers. Allison has created a huge 12 Days of Christmas sale inside her boutique, Lilybella.

Through December 2nd, she will have a brand new sale every day. You can drop by Lilybella and see the daily sale posted on her home page. Click on the category "Sale of the Day" in her catalog to purchase the daily special. You can shop one day or all 12 days.

Some of our favorites at Lilybella include her polka dot personalized coffee mugs (today's sale item!) and her new polka dot oil cloth tote bags.

The coolest part about this sale is you can shop every day and take advantage of these great prices, then Allison will combine your shipping into one payment and ship everything to you at the end of the sale.

Click to visit Allison at Lilybella Boutique. Once you see her products, you'll know why she's a Polka Dot Mom too!

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  1. Hey Sally!
    This is a great pick and what adorable stuff! Hope you had a good weekend!


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