Baby Door Signs by Sheppard Girls

We were so happy when Lisa Sheppard, owner of Sheppard Girls, wrote us about becoming a Polka Dot Mom. She has a great line of polka dot products that I know all of you will LOVE! (And her daughter's name is Sally like me...she must be a cool mom, right?!)
Lisa is a city girl living in the suburbs with her husband and two little girls who are 8 and 4. She writes, "We have really great neighbors, but we live in utterly charmless 1980s house so I pretend is the cozy cottage of my dreams. I spend most of my time gardening, doing art projects and eating. My favorite things are magazines, craft blogs, flea markets, glitter, coffee and fabric."
Sheppard Girls makes products for babies, girls, and sometimes their moms. Her business name comes from her childhood: "When my sister and I used to walk to the bus stop, one of the neighbor girls used to sing 'here come the Sheppard girls, here come the Sheppard girls'. I used to stamp "sheppard girls" on the back of each door sign letter by letter, until it finally occurred to me that I could order a custom stamp!"
Lisa started out making hand-painted baby door signs as gifts for her friends when they started having babies. Her baby bibs are based on the pattern her grandma used to make bibs for Lisa and her sister. She makes everything from her studio, which is an ever-expanding corder of her family room with a sewing machine that sits on their coffee table. Lisa is a stay at home mom with lots of energy and fun ideas, looking for an excuse to buy all the amazing fabric available right now (we can relate!).
We picked Lisa's door signs for her feature and were pleased as punch to learn that they were her very first product line and this is the first time they have been featured! They are her best seller at local shops and shows. Lisa says, "I love the door signs because making them is a fun break from all the machine sewing I do, and some of them like "It's naptime buckaroo" crack me up!" Each sign measures 3.25" x 9.5" and is hand-painted, decorated with fabric and trimmed with sweet polka dot ribbon and seam binding. Custom designs and personalization are available too.
You can read more on Lisa's sheppard girls blog too!


  1. i love the door sign do u have anymore funny designs ;]

  2. Hi Sally,

    I love that the first thing I read on your page was the Proverbs 31:24 Scripture. As a prospective business owner, I love that you put all the focus on God who gave you the gifts you have. It shows that Polka Dot Mom/Market is His business and that only through Him will it prosper. I'm sure He is proud of you for your boldness and honesty.

    Because of where I am in my life right now, your site has brought me hope. Thanks for being a Romans 1:16, unashamed woman of God who lets her gifts shine for His glory. I wish your business all the best and that your joy may be full in Christ Jesus (John 15:11; 16:24). :-)

    Blessings to You and Yours,


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