Christmas Ribbon Notepads

This adorable personalized Christmas Ribbon Note Pad is handmade by sisters-in-law Tori and Courtney Tait of Good Thoughts Paper Co. of California.
Tori is a crafty mom with two little girls, Taylor and London, and Courtney has one daughter, Kelsey. Their families spend a lot of time together on housboat trips and camping adventures. Their girls love being around each other too.
As a little girl, Tori always had to have ribbon in her hair and her own girls are the same way. What is cuter than a little girl's pony tail tied up with a big polka dot ribbon?
Tori and Courtney say, "Now that we are all grown up and can't really pull off the pony tail and ribbon look, we can have our cute bows tied on a personalized notepad sitting on our desks!"
"Our business began after one of our girls received a similar item as a gift. We fell in love with the idea and thought "we could do this better!" We immediately began making our Ribbon Bow Pads and giving them as gifts. They were a hit! Everyone who saw them wanted us to make one for really that is how our company began. We started selling a craft fairs and word of mouth.
The sisters now have a web site running to reach even more guests and tell them about their top-selling Ribbon Bow Pad. Every note pad is a combination of fun paper and trendy ribbons (every single sheet is personalized). The pads are perforated so that the bow never moves and are then glue bound for extra strength. All of their products make really unique gifts for all ages.
Courtney and Tori believe that people really enjoy receiving a handwritten letter or card. There just isn't too much of that personal touch anymore. What a better way to drop someone a note than on a fun piece of paper or in an adorable note card? We really feel more "Good Thoughts" should be spread around. We encourage everyone to write it down and send it out; in a sense to pass along your Good Thoughts!
For Polka Dot Mom readers only: Enter coupon code "POLKADOT" at checkout through November 30th to receive 10% off your first online order. Thanks to the Tait sisters for that one!
Sending "Good Thoughts" to all of you hard-working crafty moms out there,
P.S - Now go order your Christmas polka dot ribbon note pad! Perfect shopping list or to make your refriderator look really cute (magnet Bow Pads now available online).

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