Green Grocery Market Bags

Our newest and "green-est" Polka Dot Mom is Rebecca, owner of BananaSaurus Rex on Etsy. She's out to save the planet and reduce our use of plastic bags with her line of vintage-fabric MamaGoToMarket cloth grocery bags.

Rebecca is a semi-retired graphic designer who loves to sew. She lives in Northern California with her husband and two boys, ages 4 and 2. She says she feels so lucky to stay home with them full-time.

Rebecca works in her dining room creating new things out of "old junk" like vintage tablecloths with a stain, hankies with a small hole or shirts with a frayed collar. She loves to wash and cut these vintage fabrics up to give them new life as her grocery Market bags and more.

She is happiest when she finds vintage polka dot fabrics peeking out from a pile of garage-sale linens. She writes, "Polka dots are so versatile. They can be modern or old-fashioned, whimsical or sophisticated and they seem to go with everything!"

Everything inside Bananasaurus Rex is handmade and one-of-a-kind. Her MamaGoToMarket bags are truly a great find. Each bag has a totally genius accordion-fold base that allows it to sit flat for loading and unloading. They measure 14" tall and 15" wide and an amazing 9" deep and hold a little less than paper, way more than plastic. Rebecca's grocery bags are built for endurance, but they are so cute they won’t embarrass you at the library, the beach or the gym.

Rebecca says, "Like Mama herself, our MamaGoToMarket Bags are strong and flexible and look great even when carrying a heavy load." (Moms, you'll be admired by all of your friends for being so GREEN and earth-friendly too!)

Bulk discounts available a few for your neighbors too. For Christmas, you can pack an easy meal or some pantry staples in this pretty and useful bag and give to your elderly friends.

Mention "Polka Dot Mom" at check-out and receive an automatic refund on your shipping charges once payment is complete. And she'll even send you one of her popular Lavendar Sachets (a $6.50 value for our readers only). Love that!

We have no idea where her company name came from or what it means, but we love her designs and her commitment to helping moms look great at the grocery store while saving the planet!

Thanks, Rebecca! Stop by her shop and buy your Earth-friendly fabric grocery bags today.

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