New Look for Polka Dot Mom

What do you think of our new Polka Dot Mom logo?

As you know, Polka Dot Mom loves to feature crafty moms in business. We will continue to do this and more! As we were writing your articles each week, we found ourselves writing about your life, your kids, your experiences AND your boutique business. We also found that our Polka Dot Moms have become our friends along the way.

So our new tagline is, "Crafts. Kids. Business. Friends."

Crafts - Being a Polka Dot Mom is all about being crafty and creating unique, handmade products using polka dot fabrics, ribbons and designs. We'll share about the latest polka dot tools for our crafts and even where to find the best deals for our inventory.

Kids - We all have 'em. Some days they are the sweetest little angels, make us laugh and even help us get work done. Some days they don't take naps or have runny noses, tummy aches or mommy-aches. We love them, they need us and we need them. Here we will share the joys of being a mom...and the challenges!

Business - Whether brand new or seasoned, we are moms who own small boutique businesses. We'll talk about marketing, advertising, start-ups and making your sales grow.

Friends - Every mom we've worked with is a fun and friendly woman first and foremost. We keep our focus on the positive, higher things that will improve the lives of our kids, husbands, families and our businesses. Of course, we'll laugh along the way about our mistakes, successes and the crazy things that life always brings.

You can now subscribe to Polka Dot Mom on our new FeedBurner RSS feed to find out when there is something new here on our blog.

Our logo is by Amy of PattyCake Designs - another mompreneur!

Thanks for making Polka Dot Mom a great place for moms to hang out, promote each other and help fellow moms take the leap into starting their own crafty business!


  1. Love the new look! You can never have too many polka dots! Great gift ideas to pick from!

  2. Thank you, ladies! It is a work in progress, but is shaping up to be a fun place for us all to hang out and share our stories...thanks for writing! Sally


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