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Shhh...Beth is painting!

Our Polka Dot Mom this week is Beth , owner of Ta Da! Designs and mother of two from Louisiana.

She writes, "My husband, Jason, is a pretty neat guy. He's a Wildlife Biologist who's passionate about the endangered Black Bear of Louisiana. He's a GREAT cook and does most of the cooking. He's currently teaching me about the wide world of Nascar. I have two kiddos. Zeb is four and is passionate about dinosaurs. He's very spirited and has lots of interesting things to say. Evie is 8 months old and is trying to walk and is getting into everything as I speak! She is a very mild mannered baby and always has a smile for you."

Beth is from one of those crafty and creative families. Her mother is a quilter and an excellent seamstress. Her grandmother does a lot of cross-stitching and recently retired from craft shows. Her grandfather is an artist, as well her late uncles. Her cousin, Ashlee, makes the cutest bows, jewelry, & candles.

She received her Bachelor of Science degree in Interior Design from Oklahoma State University and then worked in residential and commercial design. She even trained with Martin Alan Hirsch in specialty faux finishes in Kentucky. When Beth began staying home for her kids, she freelanced as a design consultant and always painted on the side. When she started doing more painting than consulting, her business was born! The name "Ta Da! Designs" evolved because every time she finished a painting project, she would run to her husband and say, "Ta-da! What do you think?"

Beth has a unique line of painted items in her Etsy shop and website. We love her new line of Christmas gifts with painted letters on glass like "Beleive", "Joy" and "Family".

To our readers, she writes, "I am always dreaming and creating decorative products for the home and can't seem to stop. Painting is my passion and I will paint on anything and everything. In fact, I'm often heard saying, "Don't be scared, it's just paint!"
Visit Beth today inside Ta Da! Designs and order something special for your home for the holidays. And I say, "Don't be scared, it's beautifully handmade!"

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