Make Polka Dot Ornaments

You can make this!

This is a super last-minute gift you can make for party hostesses, teachers, classroom friends, neighbors and more!

  • White, frosted or mirror ball ornaments (colored balls work great too!)
  • Good quality paint pens
  • Any ribbon for a cute bow (we chose 7/8" polka dot grosgrain ribbon)
  • Ric-rac or more thin ribbon for hanging (optional)

  1. I like to wipe my ornaments with Windex and a paper towel before I begin. Let dry.
  2. Practice the name with your paint pen on the back of an old magazine.
  3. Write the name on your ornament - write entire name, don't worry about perfection, this is your first coat.
  4. Go back over your name after the first coat has dried for a clean finish and a professional paint job!
  5. Cut your ribbon to about 22" long for a big bow.
  6. Pull through the wire loop of your ornament ball and tie a bow.
  7. Trim ribbon ends and heat seal with a lighter or use Fray-Check to seal ends.

Voila! Let your personalized hand-painted ornament dry completely. Tie on a coordinating handmade gift tag, then wrap loosely in lots of tissue paper.

Everyone will be so impressed!

Tip! Make it a family craft - My daughter loves to help me with my work. She has watched me paint so many ornaments this season and has been dying to help. She has her own ornaments and we are painting gifts for her grandma, grandpa, auntie and uncle. I will post photos of her work for you.

What are your favorite last-minute gifts to make for Christmas?

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  1. I really like this idea! Must buy clearance white balls after Christmas this year : )


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