Winter Blues Ribbon Bows

We don't have the winter blues...we just love these blue and chocolate polka dot ribbon hair bows for little girls inside Angie's shop, Cute and Sweet.

Angie is a busy mom with two little girls, ages 4 and 1, running around the house while she tries to clip a new hair bow design in their hair!

You can read more on Angie's Cute and Sweet blog too. Mention her blog when you place your order and receive 10% off.

Her collection of "Winter Wonderland" hair bows are a steal - three polka dot ribbon clippies for $4.25. I'm sure they won't last long...but Angie can make more. Not to worry!

Stay warm, crafty moms!

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  1. FAAAAABULOUS site you have here!! So glad I wondered onto it...can't remember how I got here, but that doesn't matter now! ;)



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