Words of Wisdom

I am not wise, but three words from a piece of art inside Rhon's Country Crafts really made me think. Since we are all up to our eyeballs in Christmas orders (lacking sleep and patience), there is a chance that we are not feeling the Christmas spirit quite yet. Let's take a deep breath and...

Be Silly, Be Happy, Be Kind.

Isn't this great advice for busy working moms? Be silly, be happy and be kind. Doesn't sound too hard, right? With this busy Christmas season right on top of us, I need to remind myself of these three things once or twice every hour! Here's how I see it:

Be Silly - This is for our kids. Take the time to roll around on the floor, tickle their bellies and hug the heck out of 'em. Bring out the messy finger paints, roll out the play dough and let them take extra-long bubble baths (with lots of bubbles). Try some new Christmas traditions...make a memory with your kids like baking cookies for Santa (slice, decorate, bake!) or trimming your tree with play dough candy canes and yarn. Let's get silly, moms!

Be Happy - This is for ourselves. Our happiness affects the whole family...and our business! If happiness is a mug of hot chocolate and reruns of the Martha Stewart show on the Fine Living channel late at night, then do that! If happiness is browsing the aisles of your favorite craft store 'til closing time because your husband is putting the kids to bed, then do that! I like to play favorite CDs during the dinner "rush hour" around the kitchen. That keeps me focused and not so crabby when the kids are running through the kitchen or pulling out all my pots and pans. What are your favorite things to do that refresh you and keep you sane?

Be Kind - This is for our husbands. Don't they deserve it? My husband always says, "Well, if you would just ask nicely!" Ooops. Sometimes I snap and expect him to read my mind. Okay, a lot. The best advice I've heard is to treat my husband better than I treat my friends. Makes sense! I really need to focus on this one. Here's to kindness and smiles and kisses and more happiness at home (he's worth it).

Thanks to Rhon's Country Crafts for this sign and reminding me what is truly important. We love our crafts, we love our business and we love our customers. When we are busy, let's all remember to "Be Silly, Be Happy and Be Kind" for our kids, husbands and ourselves too.

Here's to You!


P.S. - You can purchase this inspirational message sign inside Rhon's Country Crafts for your home office too.


  1. What a great post. Thank you. It really does sound so simple yet is so hard!!!!
    Merry Christmas, Kori

  2. It is not easy. Probably the most important is to BE HAPPY and take care of yourself first...I've heard that helps everything else fall into place. Need to do that! :) Sally


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