Crafty Business Taxes

This is me. Not really ME in the photo, but this is how I feel about filing my taxes. I could not be more stressed about this! I've been searching online for some help. I have calls in to a few of my favorite accountants and tax attorneys who are more than willing to help me, but I feel like I should be a little more knowledgable before I dive into a conversation or discussion with them about my small business taxes. So, I've gathered some resources from some great blogs, Etsy and the IRS and of course, I want to share them with you, my crafty mom friends.

Please post your tax tips and advice for fellow crafty moms in business too. We are good at crafting, but maybe not so good at number-crunching! Happy reading and calculating...when all else fails, give all the papers and forms to your husband or your father (or father-in-law). Kidding!

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  1. well done! even if I am a portuguese crafty mom, so, I won't really use the same tax law as you do, but I found your idea very, very nice, to help other mom's to run their business :) congratulations again for the way you've been handling polka dot mom!!!


I love to hear your ideas, questions and comments! - Sally

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