My Version of Valentine Lollipops

Here is my version of Martha's Valentine Lollipops. Pictured here on my daughter's Valentine's Day initial tee from my shop.

  • Patterned scrapbook paper in pinks, reds, ginghams, dots from your own collection
  • Scissors
  • Hole Punch
  • Clear Tape
  • Pink Tootsie Roll Pops
  • Ribbon
  • List of your child's classmates or friends (Mary, Tucker, Ella, Connor, etc.)


  1. Make a pattern heart from cardstock or poster (approximately 4" tall and 3" wide)
  2. Count the number of valentines you are making with your child
  3. Multiply this number by three (3 hearts per lollipop "stem")
  4. Turn your scrapbook paper over and trace your pattern heart as many times as needed on the back of your paper
  5. Cut out your hearts and have your child decorate or you can write their names on their now (example - "To: Ella" "Love, Mia")
  6. Wrap clear tape around the base wrapper of each lollipop to keep the edges down when you are sliding your heart petals up the sticks
  7. Hole punch your hearts toward the middle/bottom of the heart (I punched 3 times, close together in a triangle to make a hole large enough for the stick to slide into, but not too big so that your heart slides back down the stick)
  8. Slide three hearts up the lollipop stick, rotate the hearts to make a flower
  9. Tie with a ribbon bow and your done!

Your teachers and your fellow mommy-friends will be so impressed with you!

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