Spring Pick - Boutique Bags

'Tis the season to brighten up our wardrobes and spend some of our hard-earned money on ourselves, Moms! Spring is the time for Easter outfits, new hair bows and new shoes for the kids. I think I deserve a new outfit, new shoes and a new spring tote bag too!

I've been meaning to make myself a new handbag for months. Literally. Then I remembered Sew Gracious! The owner, Pam, is a talented seamstress and selects the most beautiful designer fabrics for her unique bags like Amy Butler fabrics. I definitely need a spring tote because who wants to carry their heavy leather bag to Easter Sunday anyway? Look great this spring and be the envy of all of your friends with a tote from Sew Gracious. You will feel like a new woman when you step out with this on your arm!

The owner, Pam, has listed a gorgeous spring collection of handbags inside her boutique, Sew Gracious. You simply must visit her website, blog and Etsy shop (newest designs listed here first).

Pam writes, "I am a WAHM, living in Alabama with my wonderful family. I have been sewing literally since age 4. My grandmother cut fabric into squares and taught me
how to sew them together by hand. That progressed to all sorts of
needlework through the years. I learned how to sew on my mother's ancient Singer sewing machine at about age 12 and made a lot of clothing for myself when I was in my early 20s. Eventually I owned a cross stitch shop in the late 80s/early 90s (as you can see...a needle & thread have been a constant in my life). When I became I mom, I learned how to smock and got back into machine sewing again. I started making bags about 7 or 8 years ago." And we are so glad she did!

Fun facts by Pam of Sew Gracious:

  • I love American Idol
  • I like to sing...no, not to be on Idol; just sing
  • My favorite vacation spot is the beach
  • I love to buy fabric ! (no surprise there)
  • My favorite thing to do besides sewing, is to spend time with my family
  • My favorite Wii game is the cow race on Wii Play
  • I've really gotten into blogging and try to update my blog several times a
    week in hopes of building my readership (http://sew-gracious.blogspot.com/)

Inside Pam's Etsy shop, you'll find handmade accessories for your boutique bag too, like tissue holders and wallets. Click to see her entire selection of boutique handbags (it is so hard to choose just one)!

Don't forget Mother's Day is May 11th too...an early present for yourself is ALWAYS a good idea.

Here's to spring (and your new handbag)!


  1. Thanks so much for the wonderful feature, Sally! I'm honored to be a Polka Dot Mom! :-)


  2. Pam is such a sweet person!!! Her bags are awesome!!! Congrats!!!

  3. Pam's bags ROCK! She is so talented! I love her use of color and fabrics within a design. Way to go Pam! Great feature!
    Blessings, Angie Seaman

  4. Thanks for the sweet compliments Cora & Angie! :-)

  5. Hey I was just wondering if you could give me the list of materials need to make this bag? thankyou it would mean alot! :)


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