Painted Polka Dot Name Plaques

Meet Lisa of Little Painted Polka Dots! Lisa is an artist and mom to a 6-year-old English bulldog. Her designs are so cute that we are counting her as a Polka Dot Mom to her canine child. Even her company name caught our eye. Her shop is absolutely filled with painted polka dots and personalized goodies for kids of all ages.

We couldn't feature all of her adorable hand-painted creations, so we chose her popular painted initial and name plaques. We love Lisa's use of bright and bold paint colors and coordinating ribbon hangers.

Her Name Plaques and Letter Plaques can be hung alone on a wall, or paired with more tiles in a matching set to create their monogram initials, words or phrases. Custom colors are available.

Lisa writes, "I am 27 years old and have had an art project going from day one. Whether it is photography, jewelry, pottery or painting I am always working on something. Just recently I decided that it was time to continue to pursue my dreams. With that, Little Painted Polka Dots was created. The name was perfect for me because polka dots always seem to make it in to my art work. I love the whimsical, playfulness that polka dots resemble."

Like all crafty business moms, Lisa is DOING what she loves and LOVING what she does.

Shop this month and save 15% off your personalized order when you enter code "POLKADOT" at check-out. Find your own "little painted polka dot" creation!

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