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Meet Denise DeMarchis, founder and designer of Matilda Jane Clothing! She is married with two little boys and loves to sew, design and create gorgeous boutique clothing for girls. The two dresses we love feature a funky polka dot apron on the front of the garment. My daughter would love this dress!

When Denise was in fifth grade she made a quilt. Then she turned the quilt in to a pair of pants. And then she made similar pants for a few friends, including Becki Tryban. Becki and she created lots of things together: pants, skirts, blankets, basketball court murals, even two-by-four sculptures. Together, their minds were always in tornado mode, always thinking up something new to make.

So years later you take that adventurous girl and add the most spectacular husband ever, and she can do anything but take orders from a boss. So, she decided to sell painted furniture, and people bought it -- lots of it. Ten years later, people were actually standing in line to buy her work. But she was getting bored and voila in 2004, at the urging of a friend, Matilda Jane Clothing was born. Three years later the business was expanded to include trunk shows and catalog sales.

“I’ll tell you this, do what you love, don’t look back and never take it for granted that you are able to choose the life that you lead. I still get butterflies every time I roll into an art fair or see the photographs of a new piece for the first time. Kind of crazy, huh? It must be love. I wake up most nights thinking of great fabric combinations, which is so much fun I actually make myself jealous. I’m designing a great line of clothing. There are moments that it all seems so unreal.”

Denise is married to an amazing man, David, and has two sons: Joe, age six, who has worn a tie since he was three, and Gabe, age two, whom she lovingly calls “The Beast.” She is a passionate Lake Superior State University hockey fan and adores a good McDonald’s Diet Coke.

Denise and her family make their home in Fort Wayne, Indiana where she still is always thinking up something new to make.
See her Spring 2008 collection at

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  1. What was the name of Denise's furniture store?


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