Love Your Kids Key Chains

Welcome Hazel from Lexington, Kentucky as our newest Polka Dot Mom! She owns Mural Devotee, a shop filled with hand-painted key chains, glassware, ornaments and more. Most of her designs feature polka dots and her "My Kids" ball key chains make a perfect gift for Mother's Day!
Hazel and her husband, Tom, have been married for 12 years and they have 3 great kids: Calvin(19), Rachel (9), and Ellie (2).
Hazel writes, "Before I started my business I was an in-house artist for DecoArt (Americana) Paints, where I had my work published in many different magazines, project sheets and books. It was at DecoArt that I gained the confidence to start my own business selling handpainted gifts to shops (wholesale). I started 7 years ago with one VERY good local shop. I have to give the owner, Peggy, credit for mentoring me. She really helped me develop my style. I went to Atlanta Mart Market 2 years ago and the response was overwhelming. I have my merchandise in several stores throughout the eastern U.S. It was just recently that I opened my Etsy store."

She offers a wide selection of hand-painted designs with lots of dots inside her shop, Mural Devotee. We love that you can design-your-own faces to match your child's hair color, style and more. Hazel will paint each item in your choice of colors too. The possibilities are endless!

Visit Hazel today and order your hand-painted "I Love My Kids" key chain today!

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