Summer Jewelry by SavvyGirl

Have you ever seen anything so beautiful? This is what I want for Mother's Day!

Handmade by Cydney, the owner of SavvyGirl & Company, this starfish necklace (and so many other designs) are available today for a limited time. Nearly all of her bracelets and necklaces feature round balls or "dots" of gems, stones, beads and silver rings.

Cydney lives in San Diego with her husband and two sweet little girls, Savannah and Halle. She works from home and says, being able to run my jewelry business after they are in bed and into the wee hours of the morning works well for me to keep things balanced."

Her husband is a Lt. Commander in the United States Navy is so supportive and helpful in this business venture. Her family loves spending their free time playing at the beach, playing sports, and being with our family and friends. For Cydney, her favorite things are creating beautiful and unique pieces of jewelry, shopping for shoes and baking in her new kitchen. She has recently founded a women's business networking group in San Diego too!

Cydney writes, "I am a lot like many moms and Polka Dot Mom readers. After a decision to leave the corporate world 6 years ago to stay at home with my daughter, I followed my heart for my passion for jewelry and fashion and began SavvyGirl & Company - named after my daughter Savannah. SavvyGirl and Company is all about style . fashion and fun. I create handmade jewelry from sterling silver, semi-precious stones, Swarovsky crystals and pearls. To keep up with demand, I do have some of my pieces outsourced because I can’t make it all myself- it gets a little nutty. After 6 years I finally decided to venture out into the online world and started a jewelry business blog where I feature daily items, fashion tips, cooking tips. gift ideas, beauty tips and more. My readership and clients are growing in the short 7 weeks I have been online. It’s been really exciting!"

If you love Cydney's style like I do, you must visit her jewelry blog for daily articles and regular sales. You can e-mail her anytime to order or design your own bracelet or necklace via her blog. Want to learn more about her business networking group in San Diego? Learn how to contact Cydney on her blog at
Polka Dot Mom Reader Special:
Through Sunday, May 4th, mention "polka dot mom" in your e-mail to Cydney and she will offer you Free Shipping plus $5.00 off a $50.00 or more purchase and $10.00 off for a $100.00 or more purchase.
Happy Jewelry Shopping, Moms!


  1. I love Cydney and have quite a collection of beautiful Savvygirl pieces. Thanks for showcasing this talented Mom and friend!

  2. Yay for Cydney's jewelry!! I own, well, let's just say "several" of her pieces and they are just brilliant.

    Love, love, love Savvygirl jewelry!

  3. I love Cydney's beautiful jewelry! If I didn't have self control I would most certainly buy everything imaginable!

  4. Every time, without fail, that I wear a peice of SavvyGirl jewelry I get so many compliments! Cydney has a special touch to always know what jewelry will "complete" an outfit. Way to go Cyd!

  5. Cydney and her Savvygirl pieces are full of fun!
    She has a great eye for color and fashion and it shows thru in her original creations.
    I love wearing my Savvygirl jewelry-- it makes my outfits and my day every time!

  6. I have been lucky enough to host several of Cydney's parties. My friends are always amazed (and ready to buy!) at the originality, beauty and workmanship of her designs! Do yourself a favor and sign up for her blog; you won't be sorry!!!!

  7. Love Love Love SavvyGirl Jewelry!

  8. Have been buying Savvygirl Jewelry for over 6 years now and have not had a flaw in any piece purchased.
    Without a doubt it is the best costume jewelry on the market. It is fun to wear different pieces with different outfits to get a different look.

  9. I have been a Savvygirl customer for the past four years and have never grown tired of the look. It is always in style and I enjoy buying several new pieces each year.


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