Summer Craft for Polka Dot Ribbons

I love flip flops, but I love my ribbon collection even more!

Here is a great way to show off your ribbon stash, ladies...create these polka dot ribbon flip flops with your kids for a great summer craft project.

Find my materials list, instructions and resource links at where I wrote about an idea for confetti ribbon flip flop party favors yesterday.

I just happened to be at the craft mecca, Hobby Lobby, yesterday too and could not believe their amazing selection of flip flops in every color for kids, teens and women. All 50% off this week - go stock up!

How cute would these be in your favorite fall football team colors for those early tailgating parties? Or as a back-to-school team project for cheerleaders?

I hope you love making these. I use over eight yards of ribbon on my pairs, but you don't have to go that crazy. I just have a lot of ribbon!

I would love to see photos of your creations - leave a comment with a link to your ribbon flip flop projects on your blogs.

Find all the directions here.

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