Designer Chick Contest Open!

You can now head on over to the Designer Chick Contest and place ONE vote in EACH of the following categories:

So many Polka Dot Mom featured crafty gals are in this contest and I think that is super.

There are so many fabulous photos and is inspiring!

Speaking of photos, I must tell you that Julie of Lot 116 Photography took that amazing photo of the four HAPPY little girls wearing my Initial Tees. She is super to work with and I highly recommend her!

My two little girls are screaming, begging and whining for me to come upstairs to their playroom. Apparently they have planned and decorated the room for a birthday party for me. It's not my birthday...and the last thing I saw my 4-year-old holding was a Ziploc bag of my scrap ribbons. Here I go!

See all the Designer Chick categories here:


  1. Thanks Sally for listing my #! (17) I knew those were your shirts! Yes, I voted for them!

  2. How fun! Thank you! My friends all received their key chains from your shop and the LOVE them!

  3. I voted! Thanks for all of the links!

  4. Goodluck Sally and fingers crossed XXXXX


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