I Want This

I found this adorable shop, Joyfullness, via her blog and I am so in love with this chalkboard! I see a little bit of Amy Butler's lime full moon dot fabric and her pink wallflower fabric peeking out. I just love everything about this!

A crafty mom of two boys, she creates these fabulous fabric cirlce flowers she calls "Joxlettes". Is this a new invention? I have never seen these before and I am so in love with them!

She even has shoe clippie "Joxlettes" too - you simply must stop by her shop today.

If you buy this chalkboard, I'll forgive you. Just ask her to please relist another one for me!

More crafty mom products coming soon - where do the summer days go?


  1. This is a great find! I love it!

  2. Isn't it so unique? I can't decide where to hang one though...my kitchen or my office? Better buy two. :)

  3. Love this! May have to get it.

  4. SALLY!!!!!!!!
    I am so very honored to be featured on your lovely blog!!!
    Oh my word...i feel like a movie star!! Thank you for these moments of shiney stardom.....I am so tickled by your words...and ofcourse..i have more chalkboards..
    I am enjoying looking through your past posts.. so informative and pleasing to my crafty senses!!
    With deepest gratitude..

  5. Whooowhoooo....That's MY girl!!!...Isnt she talented?...I have always loved DOTS too...she must get that from me!...lol....And, Sally....I live just on the other side of Nashville....would love to chat & visit.....Creative blessings, Debbie


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