MomAgenda for Moms in Business

The popular MomAgenda begins its 2008-2009 calendar in one month on August 1st to help busy moms prepare for back-to-school events, business meetings, even holiday merchandising.

You can use the momAgenda to organize your kids and your business and this is one well-researched calendar. Everything you need to have a better-planned year for your crafty business is inside. See for yourself as the creator of the momAgenda, Nina Restieri, lets you try her format FREE by signing up for her newsletter or by printing her "week-at-view" day planner free sample pages.

About the momAgenda:

"This is the planner that started it all: Featured on The Today Show and in Real Simple Magazine! It's an agenda planner made for moms by a mom.

The momAgenda Desktop features a unique week-at-a-view format with space for mom and up to four children (or a mom with two kids, a husband and a growing craft business!) , allowing moms to manage multiple schedules with ease!

The 7” x 9” Desktop features a 17-month calendar which runs from August 2008 through December 2009, including both monthly and weekly views. Also includes the momEssentials address book, which can be removed and reused from year to year.

The momAgenda Desktop includes space for notes on books, movies, fashion, and music, vacation and party planning pages, and more. The momEssentials pamphlet comes with space not just for addresses, but also for adults' and kids' medical information, birthdays, websites and passwords, and more.

This classic momAgenda day planner comes in 5 stylish, stain-resistant colors: Chocolate, Fuchsia, Leopard, Lime and Marine."

We've found the best deal on the web for the 2008-2009 MomAgenda calendar and it's at Tiny Truffles. MomAgendas are 10% off nearly every day OR receive 10% off when you join their newsletter. Shipping is $5 on every order OR receive free shipping on orders over $65.00.

I purchased my new calendar from and it arrived quickly and well-packaged with lots of great customer service and e-mail communications. I added the Kitchen Portfolio to my order to receive the free shipping deal. I am using this to organize my important business and family documents.

I wanted to share this deal with you, in case you are searching for ways to improve your craft business starting with the new school year. A well-organized calendar that is used every day can make a world of difference. Did I mention they come in great colors that are stain-resistant?

Let me know which color you pick for your new 2008-2009 MomAgenda. I hope you will feel empowered every time you open your new calendar because you bought something great for yourself that will help improve your family life and your home business. To the new year (starting in August)!


  1. I already have my new PINK MomAgenda! It's patiently waiting it's turn to replace my old one in just a few weeks!

  2. I know, is it silly to be just SO EXCITED to start using my new momAgenda? I can't wait!


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