Polka Dot Plates and Napkins Giveaway

I am hosting a fun giveaway and I wanted to share it with you:

Planning a polka dot party? Visit http://www.polkadotbirthday.com/ and enter by tomorrow night for a chance to win your choice of polka dot plates and napkins for a party of 24 guests.

The winner can choose from pink and green, chocolate and pink or chocolate and aqua dots plates and napkins. See all of your polka dot paper choices available at Polka Dot Market.

Enter by Wednesday night!


  1. Sally, those look darling!

    I love that polka dots are such a stylish alternative to cartoon characters--for kids of any age.

  2. I think so too - I'm not a big "characters" party girl myself. But even Zoe or Sleeping Beauty party decorations look cute paired with polka dots! :)

  3. Love polka dots! (see my blog :))


  4. I'd choose polka dots any day over a character party! Cute stuff!

  5. My daughter's 7th birthday is on Dec. 7th, and she has decided she is a big girl now and too "old" for theme parties. These polka dots party plates/napkins are definitely fitting for her, the pink and the green are cute-and definitely her style! Cute giveaway, thanks for having it!

    micaela6955 at msn dot com


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