Custom Plaques by Tymely Designs

Happy Monday, Moms!

I am in the middle of a sewing marathon (literally), but wanted to quickly share crafty mom Gwen's shop with you. Gwen is the owner of Tymely Designs and she has a website and a new Etsy shop.

Gwen is way beyond "crafty" in my book because she also does all the sawing, sanding, routing and painting on her custom wood plaques. Her pieces literally start as a block of wood and when she is finished, look what she can create for you:

Gwen crafts wooden signs for weddings, births, families, homes and holidays. She has designed an entire wooden sign monogram collection which I am particularly fond of too.

Visit Gwen today and get started on your holiday shopping. You will love her quality and workmanship, from start to finish.

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