Help with "What's for Dinner?"

Leigh over at Your Home Based Mom must know that the "What's for dinner?" question throws me into a tailspin every evening. My usual answer is, "I have no idea!"

After working all day from home sewing and shipping orders, I should have PLENTY of time to think about what our family is having for dinner, right?! Um, no.

Leigh to the rescue!

She is walking us through an easy way to plan our family meals each week. Hooray!
The lessons start here: "Help! What's for Dinner?" Part One

Leigh is a working wife and mom of four kids. I subscribe to her blog for her inspiring articles and amazing (and practical) recipes.

This course is easy to read and filled with ideas that work. Leigh is a woman you can trust. She is honest and has a great sense of humor. That is why I am sharing her with you. Be sure to subscribe to her blog so you don't miss a moment of this course and her many recipes and posts.

Will you join me? I'm going to give it the old college try. Plan my family's dinner meals for at least one week. Just try it. Hey, maybe it will work and make my hungry husband and picky-eating daughters happy too.

Happy meal planning!


  1. The dreaded "dinner" question! ;-) I'm hoping to make better use of my crockpot; especially as the weather cools off.

  2. I have been meal planning for a while now, and it makes such a difference.

  3. Found you through Leigh Ann's blog. Yep, I'm on board with meal planning. LA's got some great advice. I love her blog.
    I too, love polka dots...last month I was glancing through a magazine and saw a pedicure- bright pink polish with white little polka dots. SO fun! I'm doing that for my next pedicure:)


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