Worst Working Mom Moments

Sorry I've been away this week, Moms!

My four-year-old daughter fell at one of those inflatable play jumps places. Actually, she was jumping and bounced over the wall and fell directly on her collar bone. She has a broken collar bone and I thank God every day it is not a severe neck injury with the way she fell. She was with her grandparents for a fun day out...now she is in an arm/shoulder sling for six weeks. When I told one of my best friends from college about this (she is a pediatric doctor), she immediately said, "Yes, those things are SO dangerous!" So please be aware and make sure your kids are not bouncing close to the walls or the edge of the open inflatable slides, bouncers, etc. It can happen so fast.

After not being there when she fell, I received this feature from Mommy Track'd in my inbox. It was exactly what I needed. You know how sometimes you feel like a terrible parent when you are so busy with your business? Well, you are not alone. Check out these "Worst Working Mom Moments" here:


On another note, my husband has started a new job in Birmingham, Alabama and we will be selling our home here in Nashville and moving in the next few months. I have closed my business to new orders until November 1st as I sew all day long (literally) to ship out my current waiting list of orders.

Look for a few guest bloggers coming up and please drop me a line at polkadotmom@gmail.com if you would like to write an article or feature that our readers would enjoy!


  1. That's scary! I'm glad your niece is okay. Good luck with your move!

  2. Your poor little one. Working mommy guilt stinks :(


  3. Oh, your poor sweetie! I broke my collarbone in preschool too, while my parents were away, and I am sure they felt the same pain you are feeling. Thanks for sharing the link. It is comforting to know that we aren't alone.

  4. thank you all SO much. we are into our second week of this whole adventure...she is back at preschool now, but we are taking it one day at a time! thanks for listening and understanding! :)


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