All About Tissues

So I've been away from blogging this week doing one thing. One thing all day long. Wiping noses with tissues, tissues, tissues.

Both of my little girls have their first big cold of the season. They are in good spirits but their little noses are red (and really tired of me wiping them). I think I will make one more trip to the grocery store today for our last round of tissues with lotion. I hope!

Here are some fun crafts to make with all these empty tissue boxes around my house:

Then I remembered that our crafty friend and Polka Dot Mom, Pam, of Sew Gracious makes the BEST boutique tissue holders for our purses and diaper bags:

I could go on and on about tissues, but I think I will stop this silliness right now (for your sake).

One last tidbit: You can design-your-own Kleenex box for the holidays or special events too!

I hope your kids (and YOU) are healthy and well. If you happen to be surrounded with tissue boxes like me, maybe this post will come in handy after all.

And I wouldn't be a mom without reminding you to take your Vitamin C, drink your orange juice and sip this homemade chicken soup I made you too.


  1. So sorry your little ones have had runny noses this week. The cold bug hit our house too. I hope everyone is feeling better soon.

    Thanks so much for mentioning my pocket tissue cases. They are simple things, but make have the sniffles a little more bearable. :-)


  2. Not a fun week! Hope you all are better! :)


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