Halloween Night Soups for Busy Moms

Leigh Anne has posted her super-easy Halloween Night Taco Soup recipe over on her blog, Your Home Based Mom. She has lots of great recipes and home business articles over there too.

Just reading her recipe for this Taco Soup is making me hungry! (Is it lunch time yet?)

I found a few more easy and delicious soup recipes for your family too. We are planning a post-trick-or-treating gathering with our neighbors so the kids can cover the floor with candy and make candy trades like stock brokers.

I cannot decide which soup to make, but here is the short list:

Obviously I have warm and hearty soups on the brain since I'm expecting to be very cold after trick-or-treating with my two little girls this Friday night.

Do you have a favorite Halloween night dinner or tradition? I'm trying my hardest to NOT call the pizza guy this year. I think this is Dominoe's BUSIEST night of the year (not kidding)!

I know we are all busy with our businesses, but let's "carve" (pumpkin joke) a little time on Friday to clean up the toys, hide the laundry piles in our bedroom and lock the doors, then make some soup for your neighbors to come over and enjoy after trick-or-treating.

That's my plan!


  1. Sally,

    Glad you thought the soup looked yummy. We did enjoy it for dinner last night and it is SO EASY!!

    Happy Halloween!! If you end up with pizza Papa Murphy's has cute pumpkin shaped pizzas right now!! We had one last Saturday night.

  2. what a great idea and i can't wait to try the recipes!
    we always have hot dogs & chili by candle light . . . such a simple dinner the boys love. special too b/c we rarely eat hot dogs. this tradition started before we even had children when friends had us over to their house for dinner on halloween.
    i also loved your polka dot pumpkin. i've done a few now!

  3. I love Taco Soup and White Chicken Chili. It's been soup weather here too and I've been putting my crockpot to use. I've also made some good chicken & dumplings. :-)

  4. Hi Sally! Go with the Spicy Chicken Chili! :)) You can't go wrong. Fun visiting your site!

  5. I've just discovered your gorgeous blog, I love polka dots!

  6. Because I love your blog, I left you a little something on mine... Have fun! :)


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