Here Comes the Polka Dot Moving Truck

Isn't this how all moms feel on moving day? Home Studio has put it into words for us. Wear this "Do I Have To Do Everything Around Here?" scrabble pendant around your neck and wave it at your kids and husband to signal when it is time for them to get up and help!
(I'm thinking I need to wear this necklace every day....)

Amy from Giggleberry has graciously written this fabulous "Moving Day" inspired article as today's guest blogger. She is the owner of a fabulous fabric pennant banner company. Thank you for this article, Amy!

"Moving? Just writing it I feel overwhelmed with all the jobs and tasks that are involved in such a HUGE event.

The best advice I have ever been given when it comes to moving would absolutely be - the very first thing you need to do at your new home is make your bed. That way no matter where you stop in the cleaning, sorting or unpacking stage, you will have somewhere comfy and familiar ready to lie your head when the day comes to an end or you have just had enough!

There is always a great long list of things to do when it comes to moving homes so I have searched and found a bunch of handmade items, with polka dots of course, that can make this transition just a little easier and stylish.

If you are anything like me you just wouldn't be able to get through the day or a task like moving house without a to do list! I love how rewarding it is to cross things off my to do list as the tasks are finished. I found this fun Orange and Pink Polka Dots Journal from, bindagirl32, a clever mom who has found a great way to cover binders, folders, journals, notebooks, albums - you name it!
One of the tasks on that to do list would be changing your address and contact details. That job can now be crossed off with these groovy Retro Moving Announcement Cards hand made from the mother and daughter team at Dialogue.

Or from another mom owned shop, Bohtieque Design has designed these great It's All Dotty Circle Address Stickers are perfect for letting your family and friends know all your new details.

If you have kids old enough why not get them involved with the packing and unpacking and take 'happy snaps' through out the day to make it a little bit of fun and a great way to remember the change. In my searching I came across this gorgeous Moving Day Scrapbook Page from a mom who says she 'loves to scrapbook' and has many many other scrapbooking bits and pieces in her shop stampingirl2. After all the boxes are empty and the new home feels comfy, you can use the pictures from the move and create a page for the family album that will bring back great memories.

Last but not least how much fun would it be to receive this New Home Moving Card hand made by mom of two and owner of Pacokeco's Scribbles in your new post box?

Even if you are not moving, you can send these great handmade-by-moms gifts to a friend. Visit these great shops today for even more products inside their shops."
Thanks for a great article, Amy! Visit Amy at


  1. Looks great - hope it helps Sally and the move goes smoothly!!

  2. Great artical and great finds!!

    =) melanie

  3. oops my spelling is awful! I need another cup of coffee! I ment article.

  4. Moving is a pain, but polka dots definitely make it better :) Thanks for including my card in this fantastic blog!

  5. Oh my gosh! That pendant rocks!! My life to a tee.....hee hee


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