Monday Moms - Free Business Course

I know it is a little late today and we are all done with our morning coffee, but the "Monday Moms" segment must go on! Think of this as your little pick-me-up before you put your nightly pot of coffee on....

When I was in the very beginning stages of starting my online business, I found Alice Seba and her site Internet Based Moms (which she has since sold, but still a GREAT resource).

Alice now calls herself a "sweetie" - meaning you just have to be nice to get ahead with your online business. I am a member of nearly all of her mailing lists and have downloaded way too many of her e-books and instructional reports. She is just an all-around good person and VERY knowledgeable when it comes to internet marketing, public relations, e-books, affiliates...the list goes on an on.

Added - Offer now extended until Tuesday 10/14 at midnight PST!

Today only, Alice Seba is offering all of us a chance to read, digest, print, soak-in and implement one of her amazing instructional courses. These sell everyday for big bucks, but today she is being a true "sweetie" and giving you ONE course for FREE.

I already left my comment on her "sweetie blog" and she sent me the instructions on how-to download my free course in my inbox. This is a great opportunity (that expires tonight)!

She has a list of about ten free courses to choose from. All of them will help your business in some way. Be sure to bookmark Alice's websites and join her mailing list while you are there.

Click to sign-up for your own free business course from Alice Seba.


  1. you are most welcome! congrats on opening your new business - can't wait to shop with you! :)

  2. Well thank you... if I ever get my items listed! Halloween costumes are dominating my life right now! :)


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