New Friends Open House

Come on in! We are having an open house this week to introduce you to our new friends.

You may have noticed them, hanging out over there on the right side of our "living room".

They are new here and it is high time I properly introduced them to you.

Meet our newest crafty mom advertisers:

So please stay a while at our open house today and visit with each of our new friends and see all of the great products they are making every single day. Stroll through their shops, drop them a line to welcome them and come back here for more virtual desserts and tea sandwiches (the best kind, right?).

Look for fun specials, sales and Christmas promotions coming soon from all of our advertising friends.

See you at our next open house where you'll meet more great crafty moms in business!

(Want to teach your kids how to say hello in every language? I just bookmarked this page!)

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  1. So happy to be here, Sally. Thank you!


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