Remember Bermuda Bags?

Today's Monday Mom is a fabulous handbag designer!

Owner Jesse Mayer of the Jesse B Collection has brought back the Bermuda Bag (and so many other cute handbags) in a big and oh so fashionable way.

Jesse is a designer, business owner and work-at-home-mom. She lives in Pennsylvania with her husband and two-year-old son.

The Jesse B Collection opened five years ago and she's still a one-woman show. She designs every product from start to finish including patterns, prototypes and some inventory. She has added local expert sewers to her staff as her cottage industry business has grown. Local craftsmen also make the wooden handles for her popular Bermuda Bags. Proud of her "Handmade in the U.S.A." quality, Jesse also designs and sews custom clutches for brides and bridal parties too.

Each item is sewn in very limited editions and available for immediate shipment.

Her newest product is her original DBOS (Diaper Bag Organizational System) that coordinates with her handy polka dot diaper bag, shown below:

The Jesse B. Diaper Bag Organizational System (DBOS) is her newest product that was inspired from necessity!

Jesse and her husband developed this new system of organizing baby's things when on the go. Their patent-pending set of seven clear bags with zippered tops allow you to see the contents quickly.

Each bag is labeled with a different colored "J.B. Baby" signature label stating the contents ("Toiletries", "Clothing", "Toys", "Diapers", "Feedings", "Dirties", and "Burps & Bibs"). Each includes a grosgrain ribbon zipper pull that matches the label.

This system serves as a simple way to remember to pack everything too. Great for dads since the bags can easily be tossed into a backpack or the "daddy diaper bag". Just running to the store? Then grab the "Diapers" bag and leave the rest behind!

Jesse would like to offer our readers FREE Priority Shipping at as many times as they like until the end of December on orders over $20.00. Just enter code "POLKADOTMOM" at check-out. Thanks, Jesse!

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