Sugar Sweet Baby Wraps

Meet crafty gal, Lara! She is the owner of Sugar Sweet Baby and proud mommy to Logan and Callie.

Lara writes, "I have always been interested in fashion and making the necessities we need more enjoyable to look at. I believe that when you have a baby you do not have to compromise your style. I design products that are fun and stylish for Mom and Dad and visibly stimulating for your baby."

Her line of handmade Baby Wraps are gorgeous, stylish, and a absolute MUST for new parents. The wrap distributes your baby's weight so there is no back pain involved. You can do may different positions, such as the newborn hug hold, front carry, hip carry and more.

We all know that newborns especially love being so close to their parents which makes it easier to form that close bond.

Lara writes, "The wrap is also good for babies with gas and colic. A happier baby means they have more alert quiet time, letting them learn their surroundings better. I could list the benefits for hours! Not only is the baby happy, but so is Mom and Dad."

"I now tie the wrap on me before I leave to grocery shop, get to the store, put Callie in the wrap and Logan in the cart and off we go! It's much easier then a stroller or infant carseat. Not only do I make wraps, but I also make blankets that are soft and gorgeous, infant hair clips and more! Check out the site and don't forget to fill out your email address in the newsletter box. I do give-a-ways and special discounts. The Holidays are coming, so stock up with our specials!"

Lara has also put together a fabulous How-To Wear Your Baby Wrap free tutorial.

I think her baby wraps (and her entire gift collection) make the most thoughtful gift for new moms. This is one baby gift that she will use everyday and remember forever as her favorite and most essential baby gift.

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  1. Ilooked at this site and it looks like it has some great stuff. I wish I had a wrap like that when my son was a baby. Maybe next time around.

  2. I'm due with a new baby boy the day after Thanksgiving! I've been thinking about trying a wrap. I used a pod sling with my daughter.
    Thanks for the info! I'm definitely going to check it out.

  3. those are the most snuggley sweet things I have ever seen. I want one and don't even have a baby. but, I am bookmarking for baby gifts. Thanks!


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