Thank You!

I want to say, "Thanks!"

Thank you for all the e-mails in my inbox and comments here after my missing blog fiasco yesterday. That will make your blood pressure go up, and you all helped me to take a deep breath and stay calm (and to feel loved all at the same time)!

This week I was reading an article about the importance of hosting your own blog since Google owns all Blogger blogs and can take down at any time. And then it happened to me! I need to do more research this weekend on this topic - I'll pass along any news or articles for you to read too.

Back to saying thank you...

I found this beautiful polka dot altered scrapbook tin this morning inside BH Designs' shop. I was searching for a way to say thank you to you and to promote a crafty mom in business at the same time. My search box entries on Etsy always look something like this: "polka dot ______". I love that search box.

BH Designs is owned by Beth, a stay at home mom with three children. She created this altered tin by covering it with high quality papers and embellishments. Included are seven "days of the week" double-sided cards with plenty of room for jotting down daily prayers.

Beth writes, "I have always loved to create and embellish items as gifts. So after years of my family and friends telling me "you should sell your work" here I am. I was excited to hear about Etsy, and I am amazed and inspired by the many talented people here."

See all of the great "polka dot thank you gifts" being made by moms on Etsy.

Back tonight with more great features and new holiday gift ideas too over at

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