These Bows Really Are 2 Cute!

Meet Jamie, crafty bow-making mom of two and owner of Bows 2 Cute!

When her daughter, Brynnley was born she barely had ANY hair until she was nine months old. Jamie writes, "Headbands were always too small for her head and when she finally did have enough hair to put a bow in, I refused to pay $9.00 for one clip designed to stay in barely-there hair."

Jamie took one look at her own over-stuffed craft cabinets, grabbed the materials she needed and began making her own hair bows. Her specialty is "bows for fine, thin or barely-there hair!" Bows 2 Cute has been open for business over two years now.

She is one of those really busy, multi-tasking moms too. She teaches preschool special education full-time and has TWO websites "on the side", she says.

I don't know how she does it!

Jamie writes, "Most days I come home from work, make dinner and then work on bows for way longer than I should, but my goal for starting this business has always been to have great customer service as well as offer my bows at a more affordable price."

Bows start at only $2.50 at Bows 2 Cute. Thanks, Jamie for working so hard to make the CUTEST hair bows for our babies and girls!

This is one of my personal favorites - new baby and toddler beanies with polka dot ribbons and bows woven through them. These definitely fit into Jamie's "cute" theme! (Beanies available soon.)

See you over at Bows 2 Cute!

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