Consumer Product Safety Regulations for ALL Manufacturers

There are some major changes to the product safety laws that have been passed that small manufacturing businesses (that's us!) need to be aware.

I am not a legal expert and governmental laws and bills really confuse me. Thankfully, there are some AMAZING bloggers out there who are helping make sense of these major changes.

Kathleen of Fashion Incubator has started National Bankruptcy Day, an informational site about the CPSIA laws and how it will affect all businesses on February 10, 2009.

There is also a new CPSIA group on Ning to discuss the changes and requirements.

Some of the requirements include product safety testing and safety compliance forms included with every order you ship.

A wealth of information may be found on the Fashion Incubator blog including the original post.

Two things you can do right now that only take five minutes (I did!):

Even if you buy your products from a supplier then add a monogram or paint, this law affects all of us.

I'll add updates here as I can. Please take some time to read this information over the holidays (if not before).

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