Gifts on Sale at Sweet Baby Creations

There is a big sale on personalized polka dot gifts going on now at Sweet Baby Creations!

Owned by Misty, an Air Force pilot's wife and mom of two, Sweet Baby Creations opened its online doors in 2004.

You'll find a HUGE selection of personalized gifts inside Misty's shop. There is something for everyone!

I love the polka dot travel coffee mugs. So much cuter than the free ones my husband brings home from trade shows (you know you use those too).

Misty's monogram name ribbon key chains are the perfect gift for teens, sisters, friends and the girls who work the nursery at church. Even teachers love these.

She does have a lot of things on sale right now for a limited time - order this week for Christmas delivery!

See you over at Sweet Baby Creations - you'll love her website design too. It is so cute!


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  2. I did it too! Here's my wreath:

    (I just had to make it polka dot!)

  3. Thanks for the link to Sweet Baby Creations....I love everything she makes! So cute!


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