I'm back! After shipping thirty-five boxes in 2 days, I was able to throw my girls in the car with some clothes and their growing collection of bedtime stuffed animals and drive out to Gatlinburg, Tennessee for a mini-vacation. My husband was there for a convention and we turned his quiet and clean hotel room into a total disaster, but he loved having us there (right, honey?).

Our favorite spot was the Aquarium of the Smokies. We stayed there all day on Wednesday and had a ball. The cool underwater tunnel shown above has a slow-moving sidewalk and it is so relaxing. Soft music, water, fish swimming all around you...that is the best way to destress! We went through at least twice, or was it three times?

I have been working so much that it is rare for me to have a full day to play with my girls, so this was a rare treat. I think the only way for me to totally focus on them is to be OUT of the house, since my work is always here (in fact it is calling my name as I type right now).

How do you carve out time for your kids and your husband? Turn off the computer at 5:00 p.m.? No work on the weekends? I'd love any of your tips.

My girls had so much fun at the Aquarium (and dad treated them to Wacky Bear on Thursday), that though we can't run off and spend a bunch of money every weekend, finding free and fun things to do outside of the house is a definite MUST for us moms who work at home.

Thanks for understanding my mini-break - I hope you got a lot of holiday shopping done using all those great Cyber Monday coupons while I was away!

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