My Favorite Wooden Block Calendars

Have you seen these perpetual wooden block calendars? These are my favorite "I want that!" desktop accessory.

Available all year long inside Queenvanna Creations, the calendars are handmade by owner Vanessa and her husband. They live in northern Connecticut with their two little girls.

Each set includes six parts - the base, three month blocks (4 months per block), and two date blocks. Wooden pieces are meticulously crafted by her husband, then patterned paper is attached by hand. Calendar measures approximately 3" tall and 5.5" wide and is now available in French, Spanish, German, Portugese too.

She jokes, "I do not smoke and I do not have pets. If I had pets, I would not allow them to smoke either." I love her sense of humor!

Read more about this crafty gal on her business blog at

See more of Vanessa's calendar designs, clothespins, wall clocks and MORE inside her shop at

Happy New Year!

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  1. I just found my next project...HOW CUTE! Happy New Year!!!


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