My Initial Wreath - I Did It!

Hello, boring blank wall in our living room (where the Christmas tree is). Do you want something on you to dress you up? Okay...what about this:

My Initial Wreath!

I think it is kind of leaning forward and needs a few adjustments, but it is a great improvement over NOTHING.

See the extra ribbon up on the stairs that I need to trim? Oops. Hey, it even covers the thermostat. Bonus!

I used one wire hanger and two wired garlands I found in the Christmas box from last year. One did the trick, but I kept wrapping with the second garland because I was on a roll!

I think the weight of two garlands is a bit much for my one little hanger. The tail of the "G" tends to droop without assistance and re-shifting from time to time. Using the giant cardboard letter like Thrifty Decor Chick may have solved this problem. And I think the garland I had on hand may not be the same type they used. For a first try, it was definitely an EASY project that everyone should try. Then revise your project and make another one for your neighbor!

Have a great rest of the weekend, Moms!

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