Something Fun and Light

After my last dreary post about safety regulations and my days filled with sewing and cutting and ironing and packing and sewing and squeeze in two sweet girls in there too...I needed something light and fun!

Thanks to the talents of my photographer Julie of, Tot Trends Weekly picked one of her photos for the cover of this week's magazine, Make It Personal. And it just happens to feature my Christmas Initial Apron on her cute-cute-cute daughter, PJ.

I think there is a teeny tiny link to Polka Dot Market at the bottom of one of the pages, but I am not IN the magazine. Maybe next time! I just love that photo, so it makes me happy just to see it.

What are you doing to keep your busy days "light" and "fun" this week before the holidays?

Gingerbread houses? Cookies? Paper ornaments and garlands made from macaroni and fruit loops?

Have a great day, Moms!


I love to hear your ideas, questions and comments! - Sally

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